Global Supercomputer

Next generation parallel computation protocol

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Fuund Protocol

The Fuund Protocol is a new solution for computentially intensive tasks.

Blockchain Technology

A blockchain that is compatible with challenging calculations and hashing algorithms.

Parallel Computation

Parallel computation solutions for companies, organizations and institutions.

Future of Supercomputers

Building a supercomputer is expensive but keeping it running might cost even more. Fuund is different from regular supercomputers. There is no maintenance, electricity or storage problems. In fact Fuund is running continuously and can solve wide range of computationally difficult problems including scientific researches, machine learning, CGI rendering, game technologies and different kind of hashing algorithms.

Fuund Network

Fuund is a global supercomputer that is specifically designed to collect spare computing power of all kind of smart devices with internet connection. This unique network model combines Blockchain technology with a new parallel computation architecture.

Information Privacy

Fuund is a trusted platform that never uses computer power without permission. The software can never access personal files. Both our client's and their nodes data are encrypted and secured. We are committed to ensuring the protection of all kind of information.

We are ready to solve.

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